Joanna Vlahos - Wine Concierge

As the Wine Concierge for both Maple & Ash and Mavens & Aficionados, Joanna Vlahos serves as an expert and resource for Mavens & Aficionados wine club members. In her capacity as Wine Concierge, Joanna manages the wine portfolio for Mavens & Aficionados, provides support to team wine captains and assists in wine club operations. She excels in her ability to pay close attention to detail and strives to ensure guest satisfaction and superior service for all guests of Maple & Ash. Joanna’s background in wine is diverse, having worked on the floor of the oldest wine shop in Chicago, House of Glunz, and as an operations manager for a Greek wine importer. She credits her passion for wine to the deep history rooted in its creation and the nostalgia it conjures. "It's all about taking people to places and using all senses to bring them a slice of joy from a location that they want to transport to, and I'll gladly facilitate that,” says Joanna. “Especially if it involves anything from Crete! One of my favorite places in the world.